[1.6] Product Catalog admin usability improvements

Version 1.6.0 of eCommerce Product Catalog started with some usability improvements in Admin. As some of the users reported difficulties with understanding some of the catalog options I decided to improve product management usability.

The first thing is shortcode usage. eCommerce Product Catalog documentation started with product shortcode topic. With the version 1.6.0 product IDs and shortcode was introduced in product list in wp admin:

Product ids

I hope it makes shortcode usage a lot quicker, however if you have any further improvements do not hesitate to comment it.

Today update follows it with product categories table:

Product Category ID


Copy & Paste to show products anywhere on the website

Yes, now we can just copy the shortcode from the table and paste it to show the products.

Norbert Dreszer

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One thought on “[1.6] Product Catalog admin usability improvements

  1. Adrew
    Adrew - 10 years ago

    Thanks for the IDs. This is big help for my clients! Nice to see the progress of this plugin.

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