Set Product Catalog Language

eCommerce Product Catalog is multilingual ready. It means that all product catalog admin and front-end phrases are transladable.

Currently the following languages are available out of the box:

The translations are provided by eCommerce Product Catalog users thru impleCode translate project.

How to add new language?

The plugin is translated collaboratively. It means that many users can provide the translation for just a couple of phrases instead of one person providing full plugin translation. To contribute your translation you can:

  1. Register in translation project
  2. Log In
  3. Go to eCommerce Product Catalog project
  4. Pick a phrase and start the translation

Your translation will be included in eCommerce Product Catalog core. You can also export the translation if you need to.

How to change the WordPress language?

eCommerce Product Catalog language is the same that you use for WordPress. You can change the language at any time by going to: WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General. On the bottom of this settings page you will find the Site Language switcher.