eCommerce Product Catalog FAQ

My product pages don’t show up. I get a 404 error or page not found message.

This is most often connected with permalinks rewrite from other plugins or the theme. Please try one of the following:

  • Go to Products > Settings and click save without changing anything
  • Go to Products > Settings and change the product listing page to a different one (you can create a new page for this purpose). This may help if you have any other plugin set to show items on the same page.

If none of the above solutions help, you can disable all the plugins one by one and check which one is causing the problem. If you find any conflicting plugins, please let us know. We will be happy to check if the eCommerce Product Catalog causes the problem.

If disabling the plugins doesn’t help, you should try to switch the theme to the default one and check if it is connected with the theme.

If the problem persists please contact us directly to review your configuration.

How to display products on home page?

You have two options to display products on home page available:

  • Set product listing to one of your pages in Products > Settings and set this page to be a home page in WordPress Settings > Reading
  • Set any page to be your home page and place the [show_products] shortcode there.

How to disable shipping?

Go to Products > Settings > Shipping tab and change the number of shipping options to zero. The shipping options will be no longer available both on the front-end and back-end.

How to disable attributes?

Go to Products > Settings > Attributes tab and change the number of attributes to zero. The attributes will be no longer available both on the front-end and back-end.

How to restart the theme integration?

To restart the theme integration process go to Products > Settings and click the blue Restart Theme Integration button on the top of the settings.

The theme integration is available only for the themes that do not declare support for the eCommerce Product Catalog. The theme integration is not available if you use one of the default WordPress themes or a theme that declares support for the eCommerce Product Catalog.

How to change the product catalog styling (fonts, colors, sizes etc.)?

The best way to modify the styling is to use the theme CSS file (preferably the child theme) or a custom CSS plugin. You can also use Product Page Customizer or our premium support to build custom styling.

Is eCommerce Product Catalog responsive?

eCommerce Product Catalog output is fully responsive. It means that it adjusts to different screen sizes, e.g., mobile or tablet.

However, for eCommerce Product Catalog responsiveness to work, you need to use a responsive theme. eCommerce Product Catalog is displayed in theme-generated containers. This container must adjust to the device screen size. We recommend our premium Catalog Me! theme or any other responsive WordPress theme.

How to properly uninstall eCommerce Product Catalog?

If you are reinstalling, go to Dashboard -> Plugins, find eCommerce Product Catalog, deactivate it, and click uninstall. All your products and categories will stay in the database. Only settings will be erased.

If you want to completely delete the plugin with all the data (including products and categories), go to Products > System Status and check the “Delete all products and categories on uninstall” checkbox. Now when you uninstall the plugin, all the data will be lost.

How to remove price decimal?

Please go to Products > Settings and empty the decimal setting field to remove the price decimal.

How to disable AJAX on filter widgets and pagination?

If you prefer page reload instead of AJAX functionality, place the following line of code in your theme functions.php file:

add_action('ic_epc_loaded', 'my_epc_mods', 99);
function my_epc_mods() {
remove_action( 'enqueue_main_catalog_scripts', array( 'ic_catalog_ajax', 'enqueue_styles' ) );