Checkout email notification shortcodes

You can use the WordPress shortcode in the Shopping Cart or Quote Cart email notification body and title.

The following checkout email notification-specific shortcodes are available:

  • [customer_details] – displays the ordered products table
  • [payment_details] – displays the checkout form field values table
  • [edit_order_url] – for the admin email, returns the URL to edit the order, empty string for the user email
  • [account_info] – the username and password for the newly created user account, empty string if no user account is created

Additional shortcodes with Shopping Cart PRO or Quote Cart PRO active:

  • [form_field] – displays the checkout form field value; the name attribute is required, e.g. [form_field name=customer_name], the name is the HTML input name – you can get the checkout form field name by right click on it > inspect.
  • Customer – displays the customer name from the checkout form or the user settings if logged in
  • [site_name] – the name in emails from the Shopping Cart settings