Theme Integration Wizard

By default on plugin activation the shortcode will be added on the main product listing page. This will disable the integration wizard and you will see the following in the catalog general settings:

Catalog Integration Shortcode Info

In order to proceed with the theme integration click the ‘Remove the Shortcode and Start Visual Wizard button’.

Theme integration wizard is a smooth way to integrate your theme with eCommerce Product Catalog in case it doesn’t work correctly with the shortcode integration.

Edit Integration Settings

You can edit the integration settings at any time after the theme integration is done. This settings can be found in Products > Settings in first section called Theme Integration:

Theme Integration Edit Settings

The following options are available:

  1. Choose theme integration type – switch between simple and advanced mode;
  2. Catalog Container Width – the width of product catalog to match your theme content width, this is the max width and it will be adjusted automatically for lower screens;
  3. Catalog Container Background – change the catalog background to match your theme style
  4. Catalog Container Padding – sometimes this will be more handy than container width option, especially when you enable the sidebar. If sidebar is enabled it will be applied also to the sidebar container.
  5. Default Sidebar – the first theme sidebar will be enabled on product catalog pages if set to left or right, use Premium Toolset addon to enable separate product sidebar
  6. Disable Product Name – some themes show the product name twice. Check this checkbox to show it only once.

Restart Integration Wizard

You can reset the integration settings and restart the wizard at any time. Click the blue Restart Integration Wizard button to do it.

What if the theme integration wizard doesn’t work with my theme?

There are some themes that will not work nicely with automatic integration. Especially those with unusual markup.

In such case try to use shortcode on your main catalog page.

If this still doesn’t help it will be necessary to do manual theme integration. You can do it yourself with theme integration guide or ask eCommerce Product Catalog developers to do it for you (the service is free of charge once you have a license for any extension).