WPML Translations and eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce Product Catalog is a highly customizable custom post types based WordPress responsive plugin which allows you to manage and sell products through WordPress websites.

eCommerce Product Catalog is fully compatible WPML plugin (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin). It will make your product catalog multilingual.

eCommerce Product Catalog & WPML

To get started, you will need WPML and add-on Plugins, i.e. the core WPML Multilingual CMS which is always required and the String translations add-on.

A guide for installing & activating WPML is available in the WPML getting started guide.

Once you installed WPML and enabled products & product categories translation in WPML settings, you can add products in different languages. Whenever you add a product, you can now select in what language it has to be published, and WPML will do the hard work for you.

With the String translation add-on, you will be also able to translate eCommerce Product Catalog front-end labels and currency.

WPML Setup Steps

  1. In WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup, set products and product categories to be translatable
  2. Now in the Products screen and on the product edit page, you will see the options to add translations to each product
  3. You can also go to WPML > String Translation to translate the output generated by product settings.

Multilingual Product Catalog Issues

Please make sure that:

  1. The main catalog listing page is assigned in the catalog general settings
  2. The translation of your main catalog listing page has been added in each language
  3. The catalog main listing page has the “show_product_catalog” shortcode included
  4. The main catalog listing page ID has translations added in the WPML string translation module. When you go to WPML string translation, you should look for the product_archive_page_id setting. It will contain your main catalog listing page ID. Please add the correct page IDs to each language.

If you still have any problems with the translation pages, please try to switch the main product listing page to default in catalog settings.