eCommerce Product Catalog for WordPress

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Quickly build and design your responsive WordPress product catalog using an intuitive toolset based on WordPress core functionality and interface.

Add your products, choose your style and easily display products on your WordPress-powered site.

With eCommerce Product Catalog, you can effortlessly install, customize, and maintain your product catalog while enjoying a seamless integration with various themes and plugins. Our reliable support and commitment to continuous development ensure a cutting-edge solution for your eCommerce needs.

Go beyond product presentation at any time and take advantage of optional functionality: product quotes, shopping cart, buy now buttons, product PDFs, product coupons and many more!

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eCommerce Product Catalog is very flexible. You can enable or disable various product catalog elements such as product price, attributes, shipping options and image.

Thanks to the theme integration wizard, eCommerce Product Catalog works with any WordPress theme.

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Over 1 000 000 downloads!

Over 10 000 active users. Here is what some are saying:

Superb Plugin and superb Support
Mobile PC Rescue

I installed this for a client and was so impresses with the ease of use, this is the first E-Commerce package I have used so was worried about setting it up, but this is very intuitive. There were 2 things I asked the Dev's for, one was an addition and the other was a bug with my theme, both were implemented/fixed within a few days - you cannot get better than that :-) A big thank you to Norbert for all his help - wish I could give you 10 stars!

Excellent backup and support

I recently purchased a bundle of extensions with the eCommerce product catalogue. First point is they were happy to accommodate a non-standard bundle. As with most projects where plugin's themes etc. are brought together from different developers there were a few issues getting everything working as I required. Norbert was by far the most responsive and helpful of all developers involved. Issues were fixed the same day they were presented to him. I can't recommend him highly enough. MartyNZ

Finally! A free plugin worth paying for...!!!

It took a little getting used to but after playing around with the plugin settings and trying them all out to see the variations available for free, I must admit that I am VERY happy with the results. It would be better to my mind only if they provided the add-ons at more reasonable prices, but given how functional the free portion is, I can't begrudge them making some decent money on the backend. I am using this plugin strictly as a product catalog without and e-commerce functionality.

Great Product / Great Support

We are using this catalog for a puppy listing without online store ... purchased the Specialized bundle and a few extensions and it has met our needs. Implecode responds to help requests timely and within a week I had the customized extensions I needed.

Excelent Catalog
Alvarez Juan Carlos

This is one of my favorites catalog plugins, bacasuse is easy to use and have a good theme integration options.

Supported Languages

Note: All our plugins are localized/translatable by default. Multilanguage is very important for all users worldwide. So please contribute your language to the plugin to make it even more useful. To do so please visit this huge impleCode translation project.

  • English (US) – default, always included
  • Bosnian (BA) – Thanks to Faruk
  • Bulgarian (BG) – Thanks to Valentina and Koceto
  • Croatian (HR) – Thanks to Vedran
  • Dutch (NL) – Thanks to Pieter
  • French (FR) – Thanks to Denis & James & Antoine
  • German (DE) – Thanks to Peter & Toby
  • Greek (GR) – Thanks to Giorgos
  • Hebrew (IL) – Thanks to Ahrale
  • Italian (IT) – Thanks to Fabio
  • Japanese (JP) – Thanks to Diginatu
  • Norwegian (NO) – Thanks to Oyvind
  • Polish (PL) – Thanks to Norbert
  • Romanian (RO) – Thanks to Alex
  • Serbian (RS) – Thanks to Borisa
  • Spanish (ES) – Thanks to Andrew and Norbert
  • Turkish (TR) – Thanks to Tahir
  • Your translation? – Just send it in (currently it is just about 372 phrases to translate)

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eCommerce Product Catalog Features

  1. Unlimited number of products
  2. Product Categories
  3. Catalog Settings
  4. Product Attributes
  5. Archives Design
  6. Gallery Settings
  7. Colors & Sizes
  8. Shipping Options
  9. Labels
  10. Search Widget
  11. Category Widget

eCommerce Product Catalog has a lot to offer and is still extensively developed. Every week new features or tweaks are added. So just…

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… and test it personally.