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How does the license key work?

Your license key will work on all extensions that are included in the bundle. You can download and install each extension separately.

What about support and updates?

Like all our licenses it will give you one year of updates and support. You can renew your bundle or each extension separately at a 30% discount if renewal is done before the license expires.

What is included with support?

We will help you with theme integration, extensions configuration and even some small customizations if necessary. All the extensions are designed to work flawlessly without any support; however, we know that every website is different with specific requirements. That’s why we offer high-quality support and we will help you in every possible way.

What happens when the license is expired or deactivated?

After the license is expired or deactivated, the plugin will keep working (all impleCode extensions and themes are GPL). You are free to use the extensions as long as you need to but you will not receive updates and support for the product any longer.

Can I move my license to another website?

Yes, you can manage your license websites in the customer panel. As soon as your purchase is complete, you will get access to it. You can easily deactivate the license for your old URL to use it on a new one without any additional cost.

Good Support

Their support is good and if you ind a limitation they're willing to add it into the software for a very reasonable price. Everyone is happy with the finished product.

Great plugin for Displaying Products!

This really saved me so much time to display the products and categories. Even the products details page is organized! Strongly recommend this.

Fast Product Catalogue

I have a catalog of 320+ items and found that the Ecommerce Product Catalog plugin was by far, the fastest of the wordpress catalog plugins. Previosuly I used UCPC plugin which was very annoying to customers due to the poor response time and an especially poor load time. This plugin solved my speed problems immediately and with some minor formatting changes available in the Pro version, meets my needs perfectly. I also should mention the attributes component of the plugin which is well thought out and in my case, is fully utilized. With 3 or more years experience in catalog plugins, I think it is safe to say that this catalogue plugin is the best.

Thank you!!
Jens Schneider (aelsnet)

An easy to install, clear and well structured plugin. Use it for many different applications: One is a Photographic Store and one for a Video Production Studio in Namibia. Works superbly. Thank you!!!

Great item to use as a product show or catalog

I've been using this plugin since my internship, and now a employee of the company i can say that a lot of the sites that can to my hand that want to show a catolog or show products its one of the best and will always use, thank you for it :D!

Easy to use
Jack Roland (jrohard)

This plugin is easy to use. And saves alot of my time, and gives me more benefit. Thank you

Awesome free catalog plugin

We are able to use this plugin to create a user friendly product area for a client that looks and behaves just like they want. It works amazing on mobile and gave us a lot of flexibility. If you need a catalog plugin, try this out!