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All you need for a basic product catalog.

Best for product catalog without sales.

Best for full featured shopping experience.

Premium Email Support
1 Year / Single site
1 Year / Single site
1 Year / Single site
Automatic Updates
1 Year / Single site
1 Year / Single site
1 Year / Single site

How does the license key work?

Your license key will work on all extensions that are included in the bundle. You can download and install each extension separately.

What about support and updates?

Like all our licenses it will give you one year of updates and support. You can renew your bundle or each extension separately at 30% discount if renewal is done before the license expires.

What is included with support?

We will help you with theme integration, extensions configuration and even some small customizations if necessary. All the extensions are designed to work flawlessly without any support however we know that every website is different with specific requirements. That’s why we offer high quality support and we will help you at every possible way.

What happens when the license is expired or deactivated?

After the license is expired or deactivated the plugin will keep working (all impleCode extensions and themes are GPL). You are free to use the extensions as long as you need to but you will not receive updates and support for the product any longer.

Can I move my license to another website?

Yes, you can manage your license websites in the customer panel. As soon as your purchase is complete you will get access to it. You can easily deactivate the license for your old URL to be able to use it on a new one without any additional cost.

Here’s why eCommerce Product Catalog is the most innovative product catalog software…

eCommerce Product Catalog is currently proudly powering more than 10,000 active websites

We have a lot of happy customers and here is what some are saying:

Great Plugin and Excellent Support

I am using the eCommerce Product Catalog and several premium extensions. I have been very satisfied with the catalog plugin. I have had several issues with the extensions but the support team has been quick to resolve and are very supportive in addressing issues beyond core functionality. The SEO on site has been excellent as well. The products (wine tasting notes on our site) were picked up quickly by Google and now the product detail pages have the better page rankings than many of our content pages. I highly recommend working with this plugin and ImpleCode.

Mobile PC Rescue
Superb Plugin and superb Support

I installed this for a client and was so impresses with the ease of use, this is the first E-Commerce package I have used so was worried about setting it up, but this is very intuitive. There were 2 things I asked the Dev's for, one was an addition and the other was a bug with my theme, both were implemented/fixed within a few days - you cannot get better than that :-) A big thank you to Norbert for all his help - wish I could give you 10 stars!

Excellent backup and support

I recently purchased a bundle of extensions with the eCommerce product catalogue. First point is they were happy to accommodate a non-standard bundle. As with most projects where plugin's themes etc. are brought together from different developers there were a few issues getting everything working as I required. Norbert was by far the most responsive and helpful of all developers involved. Issues were fixed the same day they were presented to him. I can't recommend him highly enough. MartyNZ

Finally! A free plugin worth paying for...!!!

It took a little getting used to but after playing around with the plugin settings and trying them all out to see the variations available for free, I must admit that I am VERY happy with the results. It would be better to my mind only if they provided the add-ons at more reasonable prices, but given how functional the free portion is, I can't begrudge them making some decent money on the backend. I am using this plugin strictly as a product catalog without and e-commerce functionality.

Great Product / Great Support

We are using this catalog for a puppy listing without online store ... purchased the Specialized bundle and a few extensions and it has met our needs. Implecode responds to help requests timely and within a week I had the customized extensions I needed.

Alvarez Juan Carlos
Excelent Catalog

This is one of my favorites catalog plugins, bacasuse is easy to use and have a good theme integration options.

Completed my wish list for a WP catalog

Obviously the dev has put a lot of thought and effort into this plugin. Updates are frequent and documentation great too. Working flawlessly for my client.

Sergo Gorin
Good plugin

The product is good. In terms of functionality, in my opinion, superior to that I know these extensions. Support is also at altitude.

Excellent Developers and Customer Service

I highly recommend using their product plugin and shopping cart extension. Very easy to customise the way you want and appealing visually. The customer service and support I have received has been 5 stars. Always hear a response to issues surrounding a problem I might be having and they are willing to help anyway they can. Highly recommend, 5 star experience!

Perfect and clean solution

I use this catalog for a restaurant web site. It is PERFECT and stable. Thank you

Works Great!

Works well, easy to install and set up. It was perfect for my needs.Thank you!

Perfect. Just PERFECT !

I'm using this plugin for having a portfolio of differents products for my website. This plugin is awesome : a lot of customizations is possible, administration of the calog is really easy and advanced, the plugin have a lot of possibilities, and, all of this FOR FREE ! Thanks you for this product, impleCode ! ;D


Hello,I tried before that a lot of plugins looking for the quality of that one, and finally I found it.Thanks