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Advanced Shipping Tables

Calculates shipping based on Shopping Cart total and checkout fields values.

Affiliate Mode Options

Open affiliate URL from the listing The open product page in a new tab Support for shortcodes in the button URL Adds affiliate mode features without t [...]

Catalog Me! – Responsive Product Theme

A clean, customizable, responsive multi purpose product theme with several color schemes. Full eCommerce Product Catalog integration with additional p [...]

Catalog Users Manager

Manage and create users and catalog visibility options depending on logged in visitor.

Categorized Product Tree

Display products as a categorized list. Display products and categories as links or select a separate template for products.

Classic Grid PRO

Activates more configuration settings for Classic Grid theme. Disable Product URLs so the grid only shows the products without individual product page [...]

Coupon Codes

Apply coupon percentage or fixed value discounts for individual products, brands or entire catalog. You can have unlimited number of coupons and each [...]

Currency Switcher

Automatically calculate all prices to the selected currency with the currency switcher drop-down. Allow customers to choose the currency at checkout.

Custom Product Order

Sort products by attributes, price or custom order. Set custom product order with new priority feature. Assign featured products and always show them [...]

eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce Product Catalog is powerful and basic at the same time. It is very lightweight so WordPress doesn’t even feel it.

Free Gifts

Apply free gifts to products and categories Set the minimum cart total to apply a gift Set the free gift expiration date

Inventory Manager

Set the product available quantity and automatically manage it when sold. Fully compatible with Shopping Cart extension.

Listing Buttons

Easily add fully customizable buttons to your product listing. Show individually defined buttons for every product on product listing with Classic Lis [...]

Modern Grid PRO

Additional styling options for the Modern Grid Display details on the mouse hover Display short description Modify margin, shadow and colors

Multiple Pricing

Set unlimited amount of different prices per product.

Order Pickup Date & Time

Set available dates for order pickup Set available time frames for order pickup Limit the available number of pickups per time frame Disable orders wh [...]

PayPal Gateway

Accept PayPal payments. Add PayPal button to your product pages or new payment option for the Order Form or Shopping Cart and allow the users to pay i [...]

Paytrail Gateway

Accept Credit Card payments with Paytrail (formerly Suomen Verkkomaksut) secure card processing. Paytrail contains online banking buttons to all Finni [...]

PDF Catalog

Generate a PDF catalog of your products. Admin can generate a PDF catalog with all the products with the selected template. The easy Add to Catalog bu [...]

Premium Support + Premium Extension

Get the work done faster with our support team on your demand! Now Premium Support provides Advanced Theme Integration service for free. Premium Suppo [...]

Premium Toolset

Get the work done faster with our support team on your demand! Now Premium Support provides Advanced Theme Integration service for free. Premium Suppo [...]

Price Units

Assign different price units to each products. Manage available units in settings.

Product Attributes PRO

Get your customers fast into your products with attributes filtering. Give your product catalog manager fast and effective way of attributes assignmen [...]

Product Comparison PRO

Adds new options for the product comparison feature. Group comparison - adds a new tab or section on the product page, compares products from the same [...]

Product CSV

Import, export & update all product data via spreadsheet. Edit thousands or even millions of products with one click! Schedule import from a selec [...]

Product Discounts

Apply and show percentage or value discounts. Show the discount offers with a robust widget and shortcode in various places on the website. Even apply [...]

Product Gallery Advanced

Customize multiple image product gallery and use product slider. Add multiple product images and show them using robust slider or beautiful lightbox p [...]

Product Locations

Manage product locations and get quotes to multiple inboxes. Add company locations, assign products to them and allow to send inquiries directly from [...]

Product Manufacturers

Manage product manufacturers & brands in separate screen and easily assign them to products. It has never been so simple!

Product Page Customizer

Customize product pages with simple settings. Manage product page elements, change their position, size and colors easily in a few seconds. Add unlimi [...]

Product Print & PDF

Print product pages with one click. Export product pages to PDF files with easy. Fully customizable print version design.

Product Search PRO

Provide product search by name, description, SKU & attributes. Search in plural and singular form. Improve WordPress default search engine to prov [...]

Quote Cart PRO

Let the visitors send a quote for multiple products at a time. Quote Cart adds a store-like experience even for products without price! Fully customiz [...]

Shopping Cart PRO

Full featured shopping cart with advanced customization options. Transform your product catalog to a Web Store! Create product configurations using th [...]

Single Product Order Form

Get buy now orders for your priced products. Boost your eCommerce Product Catalog conversion rate with innovative, fully customisable order form. This [...]

Single Product Quote Form

Get product quotes directly from product pages. Add a quote button and fully customizable quote form. Perfect for product catalogs or particular produ [...]

Smart Multiple Catalogs

Create completely separate, multiple catalogs on one website. Assign separate categories, parent URLs, manage them from different places and show with [...]

Smarter Product URLs

Include product category in product pages URL. Set up more SEO and USER friendly URLs.

Table View

Show products in nicely formatted table. Customize the product listing table by adding any product fields. Now you can build the spreadsheet style pro [...]

Upload PDF

Quickly attach multiple PDF files to products. It takes seconds to upload PDF files to the server. File icons will show-up on the product page with cu [...]

WooCommerce Sync

Sync all or selected WooCommerce products with impleCode catalog Sell impleCode catalog products with WooCommerce sync feature