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WordPress Consulting Services

There has never been a faster, more efficient and more affordable way to complete a web project.
  • Custom WordPress Plugins
  • Coding Up Web Design
  • Migration to WordPress
  • Full Project Assistance

WordPress Consulting Services:

  • Custom coding and custom plugins – hire us to implement new functions for your website designed especially for your needs or just to improve those you have already;
  • WordPress upgrades – get your WordPress updated safely;
  • WordPress security audit – let us check your WordPress security level or let us help you recover from an attack
  • High performance configuration – after a few years of working with WordPress we exactly know how to set WordPress to it best
  • CDN setup – have your media files hosted on fast external server automatically
  • Troubleshooting – have your problem with WordPress resolved
  • Migration to WordPress – let us help you migrate to WordPress safely without breaking your old links

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"I gained a lot of time, and I got really personalized products I needed. Direct collaboration, efficient, fast. No waiting time, the work is done quickly. The value is good, fast and personalized service."Denis Voelke, CEO, ABANYS-Concept SA

"I had a client that was looking for a slightly different layout for their shop. There was nothing readily available so I turned to ImpleCode for some assistance and I was not disappointed. These guys know their stuff and have created exactly what my client was looking for. They never ducked a question or an issue and got it all sorted out. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending both them and their products."Hornet25

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