Change catalog URLs

By default the main catalog listing is created with ‘products’ slug. This slug is also a parent for each product listing page. When you change the main product listing page slug also all your product URL will change.

In order to modify the main product listing page slug:

  1. Go to you main product listing page and  click ‘Edit Product Listing’ on the top admin bar:
    Edit Product Listing on Black Bar If you don’t know where your main product listing page is go to Catalog Settings and find ‘Choose Main Listing Page’ option inside ‘Main listing page’ section:
    Main Listing Page Edit Buton Click the ‘Edit’ button. If the ‘Edit’ button is not there it means that you don’t have a main listing page selected. I such case you should select it from the list and save the settings. After that the ‘Edit’ button will appear.
  2. Now you should see a standard WordPress page edit screen. The first thing is the page title which you can change to whenever you want. This will show up on the top of main product listing. In order to change the slug to modify the main listing URL and each product page parent click on the ‘Edit’ button near the ‘Permalink’ that is visible under the title.
    Edit Main Listing Slug
  3. Now type a new slug and click OK:
    New Main Product Listing Slug
  4. Now hit the ‘Update’ button in the ‘Publish’ box:
    Listing Publish Box
  5. Now you should see the new update main product listing page URL under the title box:
    Updated Main Product Listing Slug

Now you can click on the new URL to check how the catalog URL structure has changed. In our case we’ve changed the URL to ‘flowers’ so:

  1. Our main catalog listing page will be under
  2. Our individual product pages will be under