Enable Shopping Cart Mode

You can enable the Shopping Cart Mode in Catalog Settings > General in the Catalog Mode section:

Enable Shopping Cart Mode settings screen

After you enable it you will see a new settings section in Catalog Settings > General in the left side menu:

Shopping Cart Settings Menu element screen

The Shopping Cart mode will give you access to:

  • Product Variations
  • Modern Checkout
  • Shopping Cart Widget
  • Customizable Email Notifications

Product Variations

You can add unlimited product variations to each product. Each variation can have a price effect. Can modify the normal price by a percentage or fixed value.

The user can select the variations with the drop-downs located on product page and in the checkout.

Web Store Product Page

See how to add product variations.

Modern Checkout

The user can make changes in the checkout without clicking any “save” button. Everything is saving automatically without a page refresh. The following can be modified in the checkout:

  • The quantity for each product
  • Product variations
  • Products can be deleted

When any change is made the order summary is automatically updated without any page refresh or button click.

Shopping Cart Checkout

Shopping Cart pages

You can select your shopping cart pages for:

  • checkout summary
  • checkout form
  • thank you page

The pages can be fully customized. You can add any content there as all the plugin output can be set with a shortcode.

How to assign shopping cart pages.

Fully Customizable Email Notifications

You can set the email addresses to send and receive shopping cart notifications.

Once the order is set you and your customer will receive email notification with order summary.

The email templates are fully customizable on Shopping Cart admin page. You can also use HTML there.

Check how to customize your email notification.

Shopping Cart widget

You can use the Shopping Cart widget in your sidebar to show the shopping cart contents and products count which updates instantly when the product is added or deleted. The widget contains the button to proceed to checkout.

How to use shopping cart widget.