Change Catalog Template

Let’s first see how our main product listing looks like. In order to do it we will click the ‘See Main Catalog Listing’ button:

Activation Guide Complete

Default Main Catalog Listing

By default the main catalog listing will have ‘products’ slug. It means that you will find it under We will customize it later. For now let’s see what we can find on this page:

Default Listing Page

For this tutorial we are using the Catalog Me! theme, however you can use whichever theme you want. It means that the colors and layout can be different, however the content should be similar.

The default page template in Catalog Me! theme is a page with right sidebar. For this tutorial we don’t need this sidebar so we will change the main product listing page template to full width.

In order to change the main product listing template:

  1. Click ‘Edit Product Listing’ on the top admin bar:
    Edit Product Listing on Black Bar
  2. Now you should see a standard WordPress page edit screen. In order to change the template we will have to switch the ‘Template’ drop-down inside ‘Page Attributes’ box located on the right side.
    Main Listing Page Template
    We will choose ‘No Sidebar Page’ option. Please note that the available options depend on your theme. In your case the option name can be different e.g. ‘Full Width’.
  3. Now hit the ‘Update’ button in the ‘Publish’ box:
    Listing Publish Box

Now when you go to your main listing page you will see the updated layout:

Change Catalog Page Template

As you can see on the screenshot now our listing is full width and has:

  1. Only one product called ‘Sample Product Page’. This product has been created automatically for demonstration purpose only. You should delete it as soon as you are ready with your catalog.
  2. If the page title is called ‘Private: Products’. This means that we’ve created a page with title: ‘Products’ and private status.
  3. ‘All Products’ is a catalog page label. This can be modified in Catalog > Settings > Front-end Labels. See the headings docs for details.
  4. The box with grey background that says ‘Product Filters Bar has now widgets’ is a widget area. You can add any widget there, however it has been designed for catalog widgets. You can find them in WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets.

What to do next?

  1. Set catalog currency or disable price
  2. Select single product page design
  3. Customize your catalog URLs
  4. Add your products or import them from a spreadsheet
  5. Change the integration method if you have any problems with the catalog layout