All Product Catalog Shortcodes

eCommerce Product Catalog provides a variety of shortcodes that can be used anywhere on the website.

Main product catalog shortcodes

3 main product catalog shortcodes are available:

Additional product catalog shortcodes

The shortcodes that show certain product page elements. All shortcodes show content for current product (when placed on product page) or for certain product (when “product” attribute is present e.g. [product_price product="32"], where 32 is product ID)

  • [product_name] – shows product name
  • [product_price] – shows product price
  • [product_description] – shows product description
  • [product_short_description] – shows product short description
  • [product_attributes] – shows product attributes table
  • [product_sku] – shows product SKU
  • [product_shipping] – shows product shipping table
  • [product_gallery] – shows product image or a whole gallery when multiple images are attached to the product
  • [product_related_categories] – shows product related categories
  • [back_to_products_url] – shows a back to products URL which points to the main product listing page

Product listing shortcodes

The following shortcodes are meant for product listing custom template:

  • [product_listing_categories] – shows categories for current product listing page, the output depends on the Categories Settings located in Products -> Settings
  • [product_listing_products] – shows products for current product listing page, the output depends on the Product listing page settings located in Products -> Settings

Product navigation shortcode

The shortcode for the breadcrumbs is [product_breadcrumbs], its output depends on the current page being displayed. This shortcode was designed to use in custom templates files.

Featured Products Shortcode

A shortcode to display featured products: [show_featured_products].

What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can be placed in website content to generate objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code. Shortcode = shortcut.

To use a shortcode inside the WordPress blocks editor (Gutenberg) you have to use the shortcode block.