All Product Catalog Shortcodes

eCommerce Product Catalog provides a variety of shortcodes that you can use anywhere on the website.

Main product catalog shortcodes

Four main product catalog shortcodes are available:

Additional product catalog shortcodes

The shortcodes show certain product page elements. All shortcodes display content for the current product (when placed on the product page) or for a particular product (when the “product” attribute is present, e.g. [product_price product="32"], where 32 is product ID)

  • [product_name] – shows the product name
  • [product_price] – shows the product price
  • [product_price_table] – shows product price and add to cart button
  • [product_description] – shows product description
  • [product_short_description] – shows product short description
  • [product_attributes] – shows product attributes table
  • [product_variations] – shows product variations selectors
  • [product_sku] – shows product SKU
  • [product_shipping] – shows product shipping table
  • [product_gallery] – shows product image or a whole gallery when multiple images are attached to the product
  • [product_related_categories] – shows product-related categories
  • [back_to_products_url] – shows a back-to-products URL which points to the main product listing page

Product listing shortcodes

The following shortcodes are meant for product listing custom templates:

  • [product_listing_categories] – shows categories for the current product listing page, the output depends on the Categories Settings located in Products -> Settings
  • [product_listing_products] – shows products for the current product listing page; the output depends on the Product listing page settings located in Products -> Settings

Product navigation shortcode

The shortcode for the breadcrumbs is [product_breadcrumbs]. Its output depends on the current page being displayed. This shortcode was designed to be used in custom template files.

Featured Products Shortcode

A shortcode to display featured products: [show_featured_products].

What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with minimal effort. You can place shortcodes in website content to generate objects that normally require complicated, ugly code. Shortcode = shortcut.

To use a shortcode inside the WordPress blocks editor (Gutenberg), you must use the shortcode block.