Add Product Variations

The product variations box can be found on every product edit/add screen.

Variations Add Box product edit box screenshot


Assigning product variations

You can assign variation:

  • Name – this is shown in a drop down e.g. Select CPU
  • Values – the variation drop down values
  • Price mod – you can assign a price change to every variation value. You can change the price by percentage or by fixed value

Number of product variations

The maximum number of product variations (per product) can be assigned in Products > Settings > Product Attributes > Product Variations

Number of product variations settings screen


This allows you to set any number of product variations. This setting can be changed at any time.

Variations Price Info

You can define how the price will be shown in the variation selector. 3 options are available:

Variation Price Info settings screenshot

  • Show full price if possible to calculate
  • Show price effect only – it will show the price change
  • Disable variation price info

Try each of the options to match your usage scenario.

Product Variations defaults

If you are using similar variations on every product you can assign default values for them. The default values screen is located at Products > Settings > Product Attributes > Product Variations

Default Product Variations

Any variation field default can be set:

  • name
  • values
  • price effect

When the default value is set it will be pre-filled on new product screen.