Import Products from other content type

In Catalog > Settings > Simple CSV you will find the option to import products from other post types. If you have any other WordPress ecommerce or product catalog plugin you can easily find all the products there and import them automatically to your favorite impleCode catalog.\ How to import products from WooCommerce or any […]

Best product image resolution and size

There is actually no best setting for that. The image sizes will be different with every theme so you should check how your theme is displaying the images first. The good news is that you can set your preferred image size in Settings > Media: Each image type has a width and height predefined to […]

Import Product Images

You can assign product images to products both from the website media gallery and from external source. The product image column in the file is the second one (the first one is product ID). Place the image URL in the file field in the product row second column. Example image URL: Product Images from external […]

Shopping Cart Pages

After the Shopping Cart is activated you have to configure 3 pages in order for the cart to work properly. Shopping cart page Checkout page Thank you page All the three pages can be configured in Catalog > Settings > Shopping Cart. If you don’t have the pages created yet, you should go to Pages […]

PHP Adjustments

Product Catalog layout can be adjusted with a custom PHP. Custom PHP can be placed in your theme functions.php file. The best way to do that is with child theme. Please see below some useful custom PHP snippets: Product Name Disable product name: Category Name Disable category name: Product Sidebar Modify sidebar h2 to h6: […]

CSS Adjustments

Product Catalog layout can be adjusted with a custom CSS. Custom CSS can be placed in WordPress Appearance > Customize under Additional CSS option. Please see below some useful custom CSS snippets: Product Image Set the product image to show up on the top instead of in the middle of the box: Product Description Description […]

Custom Payment Options

You can add unlimited amount of payment options that doesn’t require any payment gateway (e.g. bank transfer, cash on delivery): Custom Payment Options fields Name – this is the payment option name e.g. Bank Transfer; it will show up in checkout Description – this is payment option description that will show up near the name […]

Set Product as Sold

You can change the product status to Sold on product edit page inside the Publish box. In order to achieve it: Click Edit link near product status Select Sold Click OK Update Product This will disable the buy now button for this particular product. Hide Product from Product Listing When the product is set to Sold […]

Create New Order in admin

You can create orders from admin dashboard. In order to do it find the Orders menu and click New Order. The New Order screen will show up: Order Data Section In this section you can: Set the payment status to Pending or Completed. Change the order currency Customer Details Section Here all checkout fields appear. […]

Admin Orders Screen

By default all the orders are saved to the database. You can disable this feature in Products > Settings > Shopping Cart in the Orders section. Check the checkbox to disable order registration: All the orders are shown in admin orders menu. You can click the order to see all the details. Customer Details Section […]