Show category tree only on category page

To display the category tree only on category page (or on the product page that is assigned to it) check the correct options in categories widget: You should check: show hierarchy – to display the categories in a hierarchical list show children only on category page – to display the subcategories only for the current […]

Always show grouped filters

On small screens almost all filters are grouped under one button. Like this: This makes the usability on devices with small screens better. What if you want to group the filters like this also for desktop screens? You can go to Catalog Settings > General  and find the Filters Bar Widget Area section: Check the filters […]

Schedule import

You can schedule an import from a selected file on the server or external URL. To enable scheduled import set the file server path or file URL on Product CSV settings screen: As soon as you fill the Remote CSV file location field the scheduled import will start. Local server path or URL? If you […]

Show Featured Products shortcode

To display products assigned as featured you can use the [show_featured_products] shortcode. You can use some attributes with the shortcode: products_limit – to limit the number of displayed featured products (default is 100) archive_template – to choose the template to display featured products (default is the selection in product settings) per_row – number of products per row […]

Assign Featured Products

To assign product as featured you should use the ‘Featured’ checkbox on product edit/add screen. The checkbox is located inside the product details box: Check the ‘Featured’ checkbox and save the product. How to display the featured products? To display featured products you can use [show_featured_products] shortcode anywhere in your website.

Display widget subcategories only on category page

With product categories widget you can display the subcategories only on the parent category page. In order to achieve this check the two checkboxes: show hierarchy (to display categories as a list of links) show children only on category page (to display subcategories only on parent category page) This is useful if you have a […]

Sort Products by SKU

Ordering products by SKU is as simple as switching a radio button. To do it please go to Product Settings. On the general settings you will find Product Order section.   To enable sorting by SKU just swich to Sort by SKU option. That’s it!

Modify PDF file name

By default when uploading PDF file to product it will get a random name. You can change this behavior in PDF settings: You have 3 options: Random (this is the default option) – it will create a random numeric string Product Name – it will prepend the random string with your product name Original – […]

Per Product Tax Rate

To enable per product tax rate use the checkbox in tax settings: As soon as you check this checkbox a new field will appear on each product edit screen: By default it will have the tax rate defined in settings. You can change it to any value. Different Tax Rates in Checkout The Shopping Cart […]