Category listing shortcode

[show_categories] shortcode is available with various attributes:

  • exclude – to exclude categories by id from the listing
  • include – to show only specific categories (default is all categories from catalogue)
  • archive_template – to choose specific archive template for this particular listing (default is the selection in product settings)
  • parent – use 0 to show only top level categories or use category id to show its child product categories
  • orderby – to set product categories order – available values: id, count, name, none
  • order – set the order to asceding or desceding – available values: ASC, DESC
  • per_row – set shortcode categories per row

Show categories on home page or any other page

To show product categories on home page you will need to create a new page and assign it as a home page in WordPress Settings > Reading menu.

To show product categories on this page you will need to paste [show_categories] shortcode on it.