Product Category Widget

Product Category Widget allows showing product categories in the sidebar.

To use the widget, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets screen. Find the ‘Product Categories’ widget and add it to the selected widget area.

Please note that the widget’s name depends on your selected catalog labels in the Catalog General settings. If the Catalog Singular Name in Catalog General settings is set to ‘Item’, the widget will be called ‘Item Categories’ instead of ‘Product Categories’.

Products Category Widget

When the ‘Product Categories’ widget is placed, it will appear in the sidebar. It will show a list of URLs or a drop-down pointing to the category page.

Available settings

  1. Display as drop-down – when checked, the category list will change to a drop-down with all the product categories.
  2. Show number of products – when checked, the category list or drop-down will show the product count inside each category: category name (number of products)
  3. Show hierarchy – when checked, the category list will be hierarchical (when there are any parent-child product categories)
You can extend the Product Category Widget with Premium Version. It allows for sidebars management, shows child categories only on related parent pages and enables product tags. Click to see more