Product Categories

eCommerce Product Catalog allows to define unlimited amount of product categories. Product categories can be hierarchical or not.

To add or edit product categories go to Dashboard > Products > Product Categories. The edit screen allows to define:

  • Category name – this is the title of product category page
  • Slug – this is the URL of product category page
  • Parent – set parent of hierarchical category
  • Description – write the description for product category. The description shows up under the category name on product page.

Add Product Category

Showing products from certain categories

Two methods are available to show products form categories:

Use standard category pages:

  • Create menu in Appearance > Menu with product category pages and show it whenever the menu can be placed in the theme
  • Use product category widget in sidebar – see product category widget docs

Use [show_products category="id1, id2"] shortcode – see product shortcode docs for more information

Showing categories on any page

You can show subcategories on any category page by selecting it in product settings. There is also a categories shortcode available.

Find out the Product Category ID

Find Poduct Category ID on its edit/add screen and use the ID with [show_products] shortcode:

Product Category ID

Product Categories can be extended with Smarter Product URLs extension. It allows to insert the category slug into the product URL. Click to see more