Product Page Templates

It’s time to update eCommerce Product Catalog!

Now you can add your own product page templates without loosing all the customisations when updating.

We just released new docs regarding this:

We wanted to make it really easy for you so the templates files fully support shortcodes.

Now we are working on templates for product listing entry. It should be ready within 2 weeks.

Let us know how the template system works for you!

Norbert Dreszer

Post author: Norbert Dreszer

Norbert specializes in web development and Internet marketing for over 8 years. He is best known as the founder of impleCode, WordPress developer, SEO & Usability fanatic.

8 thoughts on “Product Page Templates

  1. Maat
    Maat - 8 years ago

    That was missing. Thanks for a great update

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 8 years ago

      You’re most welcome!

  2. Eric
    Eric - 8 years ago

    Wow, it seems that the next project will be even easier to customize! Thanks for the info!

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 8 years ago

      Thank you for using eCommerce Product Catalog for your projects! Always happy to help :)

  3. Ev
    Ev - 8 years ago

    My brother suggested I may like this plugin. He was totally right. This update actually made my day. You can’t imagine how much time it saved me.. Thanks!

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 8 years ago

      This is great to hear! Thanks :)

  4. Agnes
    Agnes - 8 years ago

    The templating system helps a lot! The plugin is awesome!

    We are waiting for individual product listing element templates in more easy way. Without using PHP :)

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 8 years ago

      Thank you Agnes. The product listing entries template system will be ready within two weeks!

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