New Product Filters Bar & Related Products

The eCommerce Product Catalog 2.4.0 was released today! It comes with some new, handy features. Product Filters Bar and Widgets 3 new widgets are available since 2.4.0: Product sort – the sorting drop down Product Category Filter Product Price Filter – if price is enabled Additionally we added a new widget area above the product […]

Product Page Templates

It’s time to update eCommerce Product Catalog! Now you can add your own product page templates without loosing all the customisations when updating. We just released new docs regarding this: how to create custom product page template how to create custom product listing template We wanted to make it really easy for you so the […]

eCommerce Product Catalog 2.3.0 RC1

We have released eCommerce Product Catalog 2.3.0 RC1. You can download and test it now. The main new feature is a new product listing mode. Now you can choose to show only subcategories on category pages and products that are assigned to current category only. You can report any issues on github, here in comments […]

Modern Grid product listing width

Todays update (2.2.0) for eCommerce Product Catalog focuses on modern grid design. A new feature is available in product settings. How it works? The modern grid elements will always occupy the full width available. When you set 1 product per row it will most likely dispaly a very big element. Setting it to 3 will […]

New Graphics for eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce Product Catalog has it’s first anniversary in March. We assigned new banner image and icon on repository. Here is how the new banner looks like: The green color is lighter and the image is changed. The plugin icon is also different now: How do you like the new graphics?

Thank You for a Great 2014!

2014 is the year when the impleCode project came to life. The website started in March with a couple of pages about eCommerce Product Catalog plugin. eCommerce Product Catalog was released in January. It was my first WordPress plugin released to the public repository for free and it remains the only one. Before releasing to […]

Translating impleCode Plugins

In the past months I was getting countless request for plugin translations. Until today we had to exchange the .po files thru the email. It was very time consuming. Since today everything changes. We just set up a translation platform for our plugins. We used GlotPress, the same system that is set up on […]