eCommerce Product Catalog 2.3.0 RC1

We have released eCommerce Product Catalog 2.3.0 RC1. You can download and test it now.

The main new feature is a new product listing mode. Now you can choose to show only subcategories on category pages and products that are assigned to current category only.

You can report any issues on github, here in comments or on WordPress forums. The final release will be on Monday or later if we find any mayor bugs.

Norbert Dreszer

Post author: Norbert Dreszer

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6 thoughts on “eCommerce Product Catalog 2.3.0 RC1

  1. Alex
    Alex - 9 years ago

    The new version works like a charm! Tested everything :)

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 9 years ago

      Hi Alex!

      Thank you for testing, we will release it on Monday.

  2. Mi
    Mi - 9 years ago

    Thanks for the new category mode! Your support is amazing!

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 9 years ago

      Thank you!

  3. Gary
    Gary - 9 years ago

    Seems OK. Great update anyway.

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 9 years ago

      I am glad that everything works fine :)

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