[1.9.0] New Theme Integration Wizard

It’s a long time that you didn’t hear from us. We were working hard on a new integration features for eCommerce Product Catalog. Now this eCommerce Plugin works out of the box with all themes that contain page.php file. That’s all well written themes.

New Simple and Advanced mode

There are now two modes in which eCommerce Product Catalog works. The simple mode is enabled by default. It will work with 99% of themes out of the box. It uses page template so in certain cases it can output non wanted elements on product page. This is the case especially when the theme is poorly designed.

The difference…

The main difference between Simple and Advanced mode is that the Simple Mode disables product archive pages. This means that automatic product listing, category pages and product search page are disabled. Product listing and category pages can be designed with [show_products] shortcode. If you want to use automatic product archive pages or get rid of unexpected elements on product page you will need Advanced Mode.

Theme Integration Info

After the activation the plugin will ask you to test the Advanced Mode (the one with the full functionality). The wizard will guide you through the activation process. In some themes the Automatic adjustment will be 100% accurate. In other the manual integration may be needed. We have a step by step integration guide for that.

Automatic Theme Integration

Product settings has now the integration mode switcher. You can switch the mode at any time.

Integration Switcher

What if my theme is already integrated?

When the theme is properly integrated the mode switcher will dissapear. The plugin will work in Advanced mode out of the box.

The purpose of this new feature is to serve less tech-savvy users with the integration tool that is easy to manage. Also new Simple Mode gives opprotunity for more customized catalogs created with the shortcode.

If you have any comment or suggestion to this new version please use the form below.

Norbert Dreszer

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6 thoughts on “[1.9.0] New Theme Integration Wizard

  1. Joan
    Joan - 10 years ago

    This plugin is getting better with every update. Keep up the good work guys!

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 10 years ago

      Thank you Joan. We are trying :)

  2. Eric
    Eric - 10 years ago

    That’s big improvement. I managed to make it work now. Thank you for a great plugin!

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 10 years ago

      I am glad that the update worked for you. Thanks!

  3. Pete
    Pete - 10 years ago

    That’s amazing but now it actually worked with every theme that I tried so far. Thank you Norbert.

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 10 years ago

      That’s nice to hear. The aim is to make it working with all of them. Thank you for the comment!

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