eCommerce Product Catalog 1.4.5

WordPress SEO Compatible

New eCommerce Product Catalog update is the first step to full compatibility with awesome WordPress SEO plugin. This way eCommerce Product Catalog will be even more SEO friendly. This first little step is showing WPSEO box on product edit page on the bottom of all product boxes.

Better product catalog styling

We also made some little fixes on the classic grid theme. It was not compatible with some themes, now the problem is solved. We also found some incompatibility with certain themes on product listing page. It is also fixed now. So if you experienced some styling issues I hope we managed to make you life better :)

As always me introduced some improvements to the code for even better performance.


P.S. If you think it would be better to integrate eCommerce Product Catalog with any different SEO plugin, just leave a comment below.

Norbert Dreszer

Post author: Norbert Dreszer

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