eCommerce Product Catalog 1.4.2

We have just rolled out an update with expected fixes and tweaks. As I promised on WordPress forum:

  1. Now search function works even when product listing is disabled
  2. “Product listing shows at most” setting works also on product categories now
  3. You don’t need to flush permalinks manually anymore
  4. Now product search widget is styled accordingly to your theme
  5. No more problems with product attributes bad display on product listing modern theme

We decided not to integrate new functions until those were fixed. Now we are ready for new features.

Please note that this is an important update, we did everything we could to make sure this release fixes all reported issues.

Norbert Dreszer

Post author: Norbert Dreszer

Norbert specializes in web development and Internet marketing for over 8 years. He is best known as the founder of impleCode, WordPress developer, SEO & Usability fanatic.

3 thoughts on “eCommerce Product Catalog 1.4.2

  1. Man
    Man - 10 years ago

    Thank you guys, everything is working just fine now!

  2. Thomas
    Thomas - 10 years ago

    I have the plugin installed but the product does not display; it seems that there is a 500 error when I click on the product link on the menu.

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 10 years ago

      Where you click one the link? It seems like server problem. Please provide an URL to study your problem.
      Next time, please use proper forum for support requests.

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