New Demo

A new demo with multiple cnfiguration was release a couple of days ago.

The demo theme is the new product theme that we are planning to release in a couple of days.

For now there are 9 different configurations to try:

  1. Out of th box
  2. Out of the box without price
  3. Buy now – with order form extension enabled
  4. Inquiry – with quote form extension enabled
  5. PayPal Buy Now
  6. PayPal Shopping cart
  7. Advanced Product Gallery – with Product Gallery Advanced extension enabled
  8. Smart Multiple Catalogs
  9. Smarter Product URLs

Here is the screenshot of the front-page:

impleCode Demo

The demo is fully responsive and you can login and test also the back-end.

The demo URL is:

How do you like it?

Norbert Dreszer

Post author: Norbert Dreszer

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