2500 Downloads in the First Month

After this magic number I decided to write first blog post. This is one month after eCommerce Product Catalog has been launched. In the Meantime I have released a couple of updates with new features and some fixes. It is really nice to see some interest in the plugin. This plugin is my thanks and welcome to WordPress Community.

Since 2007 WordPress Community gave me more than I could expect, so I decided to give back (I know it’s long time, but better late than never, right?:)).

As always my ambition doesn’t let me give up on this stage, so I decided to make eCommerce Product Catalog the best for what I can afford. This 2500 downloads really motivates me to move forward.

impleCode will be a Blog & Plugin Center & WordPress Consulting website. It will be a way to get in touch with You.

OK, that’s more than enough about me and impleCode.

Please share your thoughts about the plugin, website and plugin features you expect.

Cheers WordPress Community!

Norbert Dreszer

Post author: Norbert Dreszer

Norbert specializes in web development and Internet marketing for over 8 years. He is best known as the founder of impleCode, WordPress developer, SEO & Usability fanatic.

2 thoughts on “2500 Downloads in the First Month

  1. yaazaa
    yaazaa - 10 years ago

    Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the plugin! It’s good job :)

  2. beleck
    beleck - 10 years ago

    I hope you will keep up with the plugin. I use it already on my two websites :)

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