New Product Page Template

eCommerce Product Catalog 2.5 comes with new product page template. The new template is optional when you are updating.

Formatted Product Page Template

How to enable new template?

Now you can choose between Plain and Formatted product page template. The setting is located in Products > Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page.

If you want to try the new template you will have to switch the option.

For new installations the new template is active by default.

New Description and Fetures Tabs

The formatted product page template got tabs mechanism. The tabs are fully responsibe and will transform to accordions on smaller screens.

I hope you enjoy the new design :) Please let us know in comments how do you like it!

Norbert Dreszer

Post author: Norbert Dreszer

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4 thoughts on “New Product Page Template

  1. Manman
    Manman - 8 years ago

    The template is a masterwork. you’ve performed a great task on this!

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 8 years ago

      I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

  2. Rob
    Rob - 8 years ago

    whoah this plugin is magnificent i love the new template. Keep up the good work!

    1. Norbert Dreszer
      Norbert Dreszer - 8 years ago

      Thank you! Happy to hear :)

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