All Product Catalog Blocks

3 different blocks are available: Show Catalog block – to display the main catalog page content and set the markup […]

Show Catalog block

The Show Catalog block displays the main catalog listing page content. If you place the Show Catalog block on your […]

Show Products block

The Show Products block will show products by category or individually selected products. Once you insert the Show Products block […]

Show Categories block

The Show Categories block will display the selected categories. Once you insert the Show Products block it will let you […]


All Product Catalog Shortcodes

eCommerce Product Catalog provides a variety of shortcodes that can be used anywhere on the website. Main product catalog shortcodes […]

Show Product Catalog shortcode

The shortcode displays the main catalog listing page content. If you place the shortcode on your main catalog page (this […]

Featured Products shortcode

To display products assigned as featured you can use the shortcode. You can use some attributes with the shortcode: products_limit […]

Product Listing Shortcode

[show_products] shortcode by default will display up to 100 latest products. You can modify what should be displayed with some […]

Category listing shortcode

[show_categories] shortcode is available with various attributes: exclude – to exclude categories by id from the listing include – to show only specific […]

Getting Started

Getting started

If you didn’t install and activate the plugin yet please see the installation guide and come back here later. First […]

eCommerce Product Catalog FAQ

My product pages don’t show up. I get 404 error or page not found message. This is most often connected with […]

Catalog theme integration

The catalog offers 4 different ways to integrate it with your theme: Shortcode integration Shortcode integration is enabled by default […]

Theme Integration Wizard

By default on plugin activation the shortcode will be added on the main product listing page. This will disable the […]

Add New Product

To Add New Product go to Products > Add New Product. When you click the Add New Product button the […]

Set Product Catalog Language

eCommerce Product Catalog is multilingual ready. It means that all product catalog admin and front-end phrases are transladable. Currently the following […]

Import Products from other content type

In Catalog > Settings > Simple CSV you will find the option to import products from other post types. If […]

Simple Product Import

The product importer is located at Product Settings > Import / Export   You can import products from CSV by clicking […]


Assign Featured Products

To assign product as featured you should use the ‘Featured’ checkbox on product edit/add screen. The checkbox is located inside […]

Product SKU

By definition, a Stock Keeping Unit (or SKU) is a number assigned to a product by a retail store to […]

Compare Products

The catalog product comparison feature is disabled by default. In order to enable it please go to Catalog Settings > […]

Set Catalog Currency

By default the catalog price is enabled with currency set to USD with a custom currency symbol to $. In […]

Product Reviews

The product review feature is disabled by default in the catalog. It can be enabled with a free addon. In […]

Related Products

To show related products on product page go to Products > Settings and find the Show related setting inside Categories […]

Product Sorting

To set a default product sorting method you will need to go to Product Settings and find Product Order radio […]

Product Catalog without Shopping Cart

eCommerce Product Catalog works without shopping cart feature by default. It was designed to be used as a product catalog with […]

Product catalog without price

In order to use eCommerce Product Catalog without price please go to Product Settings and find the Payment and currency […]

Categories listing design

By default the categories listing is shown with the same template as used for products. You can choose to show […]

Subcategories on category page

To enable subcategories on category page please go to General Catalog Settings and find the Category Page shows setting. You can choose […]

Main categories on product listing

To show main categories before product listing please go to General Catalog Settings and find the Main listing shows setting.   You can […]

Product Gallery

Product Gallery is displayed on single product page top-right by default. Product gallery options are accessed trough Dashboard > Product […]

Product Attributes

eCommerce Product Catalog allows to set unlimited amount of attributes for each product. Product attributes configuration First set maximum number […]

Product Categories

eCommerce Product Catalog allows to define unlimited amount of product categories. Product categories can be hierarchical or not. To add […]

Best product image resolution and size

You can set your preferred image size in Settings > Media: Each image type has a width and height predefined […]


Disable Category Image

You can disable the category image display on the category page in Catalog Settings > General. You will find the […]

Change Catalog Template

Let’s first see how our main product listing looks like. In order to do it we will click the ‘See […]

Change catalog URLs

By default the main catalog listing is created with ‘products’ slug. This slug is also a parent for each product […]

Custom Product Page tab

You can add more tabs by creating a custom template for product page. For example after or before the tab […]

How to customize the translations

To customize eCommerce Product Catalog translations you can place your customized translation file in wp-content/languages/plugins folder. Please note that the file […]

Product catalog markup

eCommerce Product Catalog has markup set for products ( If you need any other specific schema org markup you […]

Integrate with other post types

You can display also other post type (e.g. WooCommerce products, WordPress posts) with eCommerce Product Catalog design. To do so […]

Modern Grid with square images

Modern Grid is designed for panoramic images. Classic Grid is recommended if you are using square images. How to add […]

Change Product Category Order

To change product categories order you can: Use a shortcode to show categories You can use the [show_categories] shortcode instead […]

Select Product Page Template

eCommerce Product Catalog comes with two product page templates: Formatted – includes tabs to switch between description and features, has […]

Product Page Template

With eCommerce Product Catalog you can create custom template for the whole product page or for product page parts. Your […]

Product Listing Page Template

With eCommerce Product Catalog you can create custom template for the whole product listing or for product listing parts. Your […]

Change Catalog Headings & Text

You can modify the catalog output in Catalog Settings > Front-end labels. It is the last tab in settings: When […]

CSS Adjustments

Product Catalog layout can be adjusted with a custom CSS. Custom CSS can be placed in WordPress Appearance > Customize […]

PHP Adjustments

Product Catalog layout can be adjusted with a custom PHP. Custom PHP can be placed in your theme functions.php file. […]


Product Category Widget

Product Category Widget allows to show product categories in the sidebar. To use the widget go to Dashboard > Appearance […]

Product Search Widget

Product Search Widget allows the visitors to search only products on the website. To use the widget go to Dashboard […]

Simple Product Export

The export feature is located in Product Settings > Import / Export screen.   Press the Export All Products to […]

Product Weight

Each product can have the weight defined. The weight field appears inside the product details box on product add/edit screen: […]

Product Size

Each product can have the size defined: Length, Width and Height. The size fields appear inside the product details box […]

WPML Translations and eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce Product Catalog is a higly customizable  custom post types based WordPress responsive plugin which allows you to manage and […]