Cart Icon in Main Menu

This feature is a part of Shopping Cart PRO. Click here to see all Shopping Cart PRO features.

You can add a cart icon into the website’s main menu in Catalog Settings > Catalog Design > Design Schemes. First, you have to enable the catalog sitewide icons.

Next, you can adjust the cart icon:

Sitewide Cart Icon

Please make sure that the Hide Cart Icon checkbox is unchecked.

Sitewide Cart Icon Styling

You can choose one of the two options:

  1. Icon – it will show a cart icon styled the same as other catalog icons
    Cart Icon Shows Up as Icon
  2. Button – it will show up the same as the cart widget
    Cart Icon as Button

Display Only Cart Icon

If you want to display only cart icon without other catalog sitewide icons, please use the checkboxes to hide other icons.