Shopping Cart Tax

The Shopping Cart tax configuration settings are located in Products > Settings inside the Payment and Currency section (on the bottom). […]

Customer Accounts

In order to automatically create the customer account on the first order please switch the ‘remember fields by’ to ‘User […]

Customer Panel

You can assign any page to work as customer panel. In order to do it go to Products > Settings […]

Shopping Cart Email Notifications

The notification emails are send each time the order is set. The order notifications settings are located in Product Settings > […]

Shopping Cart Pages

After the Shopping Cart is activated you have to configure 3 pages in order for the cart to work properly. […]

Custom Payment Options

You can add unlimited amount of payment options that doesn’t require any payment gateway (e.g. bank transfer, cash on delivery): […]

Getting Started

Create New Order in admin

You can create orders from admin dashboard. In order to do it find the Orders menu and click New Order. […]

Admin Orders Screen

By default all the orders are saved to the database. You can disable this feature in Products > Settings > […]

Previous cart restore button

Each cart is saved for the user as soon as the checkout is complete. The user will be able to […]

Add Product Variations

The product variations box can be found on every product edit/add screen. Assigning product variations You can assign variation: Name […]


Shopping Cart Shortcodes

Shopping Cart extension comes with 3 different shortcodes: [cart_button] – displays shopping cart button which shows the number of products […]

Shopping Cart Checkout Shortcodes

When you set up the shopping cart pages the script will automatically include the proper output there. However you can show […]


Shopping Cart Widget

The shopping cart widget can be added to any of your registered widget areas. The output will show the shopping […]


Conditional Checkout Fields

You can show any checkout field only when another field is filled with a specific value. In order to achieve […]

Customize Checkout Buttons

Follow the steps below to customize the shopping cart checkout buttons: Go to Products > Settings > Shopping Cart Find […]

Custom Add to Cart button label

Follow the steps below to set a custom add to cart button label: Go to Products > Settings > Shopping […]

Shopping Cart Checkout Customizer

The shopping cart checkout customizer is located in Products > Settings > Shopping Cart under the blue Edit Checkout Fields […]

Per Product Tax Rate

To enable per product tax rate use the checkbox in tax settings: As soon as you check this checkbox a […]

Disable Payment Gateways for selected product

If you have products that are not for sale directly through the website you can disable the payment options for […]

Product Variation Custom Field

By default product variations show up as drop-downs near the add to cart button. You can also define a variation […]