Variation Selectors

4 different variation selectors: dropdown, radio, checkbox and custom field.

Variation Details

Select different image, SKU, size and weight for each variation value.

Variation Quantity

Product configuration feature. It will give you an option to create product configurators.

Variation Price

An option to set a variable price that overwrites the main price.

Product Name from Variations

Automatically generate product name from variations in checkout and order notification emails.

Limit tax to location or other checkout value

You can limit the tax to any shopping cart checkout drop-down value and set multiple tax rates.

Unpaid Order Reminder

Sent automatic reminders for unpaid orders. Never loose a sale again!

Product Recommendations

Define products that show up as recommended in cart.

Additional Add to Cart button options

Many additional add to cart button adjustments.

Minimum and Maximum Quantity

Limit the minimum or maximum number of pieces that can be purchased in one order.

Payment for shipping only

Charge the customer only for shipping and additional options selected in checkout.

Per Product Tax Rate

Set different tax rate for each product.

Disable Payment Gateways for selected product

The payment processing can be disabled if selected product is added to cart.

Custom Payment Options

Set unlimited number of manual payment options.

Cart Icon in Main Menu

Display a customizable sitewide cart icon on your website’s main menu.

Enable dependent or required products

Require the user to add additional products to the cart


Packing List

Automatically send customizable packing list message when the order is paid.

Shopping Cart Page Template

Different templates for shopping cart products table.

Disable Quantity

Disable the quantity box for add to cart button.

Order Complete Message

Fully customize the order completed message.

Form field value in notification email

You can use the following shortcode to display a form field value in the notification email: [form_field name="input_name"] input_name is […]

Conditional Checkout Fields

Define any number of conditional checkout fields to enhance the experience further.

Customize Checkout Buttons

Fully customize the shopping cart buttons and text.

Custom Add to Cart button label

Fully customize add to cart button label and additional text.

Shopping Cart Checkout Customizer

Fully customize the checkout form with drag and drop editor.

Disable Restore Previous Cart button

Check the checkbox to completely disable the Restore Previous Cart button.


Cart Widget Additions

Ability to hide empty shopping cart, add a search near the cart button or set a custom text.

Getting Started

Product Variation Custom Field

By default product variations show up as drop-downs near the add to cart button. You can also define a variation […]

Export Orders

Export the orders to the spreadsheet with all the data.