Conditional Checkout Fields

This feature is a part of Shopping Cart PRO. Click here to see all Shopping Cart PRO features.

You can show any checkout field only when another field is filled with a specific value.

To achieve that, please go to the checkout customizer: Products > Settings > Shopping Cart and click the edit checkout fields button. The checkout customizer will open up.

Each checkout field has a rules section at the bottom of the edit box.

Conditional Checkout Fields

The first field is a drop-down with all available fields in the checkout. The second field is where you should set a value of the selected field. After that, the field will show up only when the user fills the selected field with the value specified in the rule.

Usage Example: we want to show the State drop-down only when the user selects the USA as a country. The steps:

  1. Click on the State field to open the edit box
  2. In the rules section, select the Country with the value United States

Conditional Checkout State

After that, the State field will show up only when the user selects the United States as a country.