Unpaid Order Reminder

This feature is a part of Shopping Cart PRO. Click here to see all Shopping Cart PRO features.

You can define a reminder for unpaid orders in Catalog Settings > Shopping Cart.

Order Reminders Settings screenshot

The order reminder works only if you fill the delay, subject and template.

The following options are available:

  • Delay – the number of days from the order date or the Delay Starting Date for the reminder to be sent (it is required for the reminder to work)
  • Delay Starting Date – you can pick a date checkout field, it can be for example a pickup date so the customer will get a reminder when the order has not been picked up on the pickup date
  • Reminder Time – you can set the time when the remainders should be sent
  • Unpaid Order Subject – the subject of the email message (it is required for the reminder to work)
  • Unpaid Order Template – the reminder email message text (it is required for the reminder to work)

The reminders are only sent if the order has unpaid status on the reminder day. If it is already paid the reminder will not be sent.