Additional MPN codes

Have the flexibility to assign an unlimited number of Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs) or barcodes to each product

Automatically add categories to the menu

Display categories inside your website menu under the catalog main page.

New products filter

After the selected number of days the product will not be considered new anymore.

Alternative listing template

Let the user switch the listing template on front-end – for example between grid or list.

Alternative Products

Select alternative products for each individual product and display them in a separate tab or section.

Alternative Products Table

Display alternative products as a table with many different parameters to compare.

Automatic Product Descriptions

Generate product descriptions from category descriptions.

Separate catalog sidebar

Separate sidebars for main listing, individual product, catalog search and category pages.

Responsive sidebar

Select styling and appearance for sidebar on small screens. Sliding button to display sidebar.

Price Filter Ranges

Set clickable price filter ranges in the price filter widget.

Display product tags as clickable icon or text

Tags can have icons assigned. Clickable icons will show up on the product page.

Product tags filter

Filter products by tags on separate tag pages or with AJAX filtering on any product list.

Product Promo Widget

Display selected or random product in widget area with image, shortened description or short description, price and button to full product page.

Product pagination widget

Display pagination in any widget area.

Product count widget

Product count widget that shows the number of displayed products.

Enhanced category filter

Only bottom category clickable or always show child categories.

Checkbox category filter

Checkbox instead of links for category filter. Filter products by multiple categories.

Category template

Select different template for categories.

Disable category name

Disable category name – useful if your category image already has the name included

Disable default category image

Display only category name on the listing if the image is missing.

Show category tree only on category page

Show child categories only on parent category pages.

Enable Product Tags

The product tags feature can be enabled in Products > Settings on the bottom of Categories Settings section. Check the Enable […]

Dropdown category filter

Enable category filter dropdown if you have many categories.

Show category filter elements only for current category

The category page will display filter elements only for this category instead of showing all categories for currently viewed products.