PDF Catalog Font Size

Customize the PDF Catalog font size.

Attributes in PDF Catalog

Enable attributes display for the list in the PDF Catalog.

SKU in PDF Catalog

Enable SKU display for the list in the PDF Catalog.

PDF product page orientation

Select between landscape and portrait for PDF product pages.

PDF catalog top & bottom margin

Create a top margin to include a custom header on each product page.

PDF catalog cover and back pages

Add an unlimited number of PDF cover and back pages.

Product display type in PDF catalog

Set the list or grid view for the PDF catalog product listing.

Short description in PDF Catalog

Enable a short description for the list on the grid in the PDF Catalog.

PDF Catalog image size

Set custom image size for the PDF Catalog list and grid.

PDF Catalog Summary Page

On the PDF catalog summary page the user can sort or remove the products before the PDF product catalog is generated.

PDF Catalog templates

You can use it to add a header and footer with company contact data or a background with your logo to each PDF catalog page.

Step by step guide to generate a catalog

You can add screenshots with description for the users to show them how to generate a catalog with selected products.

PDF Catalog Download Link Widget

Use the widget to display PDF catalog download link on one of your widget areas. By default it will generate a PDF catalog for all your products.

Hide custom catalog feature

You can hide custom catalog creation feature from public and use it only when logged in.