Display PDFs with a shortcode

The [upload_pdf] shortcode is available to display the product PDF download icon or link. You can also use the id […]


Display PDF as text link instead of the icon

To replace the PDF icon with a text link go to Catalog Settings > PDF and check the Text link […]

Modify PDF file icon

By default the standard PDF icon will be used for the files. To personalize this icon go to Catalog settings […]

Modify PDF file name

By default when uploading PDF file to product it will get a random name. You can change this behavior in […]

Define custom PDF label

You can define custom PDF label by changing the default Attached PDF label in the first field inside the upload PDF […]

Change Attached PDF

After the PDF is attached to the product the option to change it will appear on product edit/add screen. To […]

Download Attached PDF from Admin

After the PDF is attached to the product the PDF icon will show not only on front-end but also in […]

Download Attached PDF from Product Page

When the PDF is attached to the product it will be available to dwonload from the product page on front-end. […]

Attach PDF to Product

The simple way to attach any PDF file to any product is to use the upload PDF feature in attributes […]