Disable Add to Cart for product groups

You can disable the add to cart functionality for selected catalog. Disable Add to Cart button for main catalog In […]

Multiple Catalogs Shortcode

The [show_products] shortcode which works for default product catalog will also work with additional product catalogs but with addional attribute […]

Product Catalogs Admin Screens

Every product catalog enabled will have separate admin screen and menu. Lets say that we enabled two additional catalogs: Flowers […]

Add a Product to a Given Catalog

Each product catalog has a separate menu in WordPress admin. That means it is a completely separate product catalog with […]

Moving Products Between Catalogs

Sometimes we need to move a products from one product catalog into another. It’s as easy as selecting a drop-down. […]

Manage Breadcrumbs for Additional Catalog

Each additional catalog can have disabled or enable product breadcrumbs. Also the breadcrumbs title for product listing can be set […]

Categories Parent for Additional Product Catalog

Every product catalog that will use categories should have a product category parent URL set. If not that the default […]

Limit Products Count on Additional Catalog Product Listing Page

Every additional catalog can have different amount of product listed on one page. To set a product count limit for […]

Set a Separate Listing Page for Additional Catalog

Each catalog enabled can have different listing page. Also each catalog can have the listing page enabled or disabled (when […]

Enable Multiple Catalogs

You can enable unlimited amount of completely separate catalogs. Each catalog will have separate product categories, WordPress menu and settings. […]