Add custom product to the inquiry

Now your customers can submit special order requests!

Enable Category Quote Button

Enable the add to cart button that adds all products from the category to the cart.

Login before checkout

Force the user to login before going to checkout.


Add to Inquiry Button Shortcode

Use the quote cart button shortcode display the add to cart button anywhere on the website.


Customize Quote Cart Page Labels and Appearance

Fully customize the quote cart and checkout page design and text output.

Customize Quote Cart Add Button

Use the robust customization options for the quote add to cart button to match your project needs.

Modify Quote Cart Button Label

Easily customize the quote cart widget button label.

Quote Cart Checkout Customizer

Customize the inquiry checkout form with easy-to-use drag & drop edit. Add unlimited number of field into the form, set custom labels and custom input types!

Select the email notification format

3 available email template formats.