Replace pagination buttons with a dropdown

The dropdown pagination may be more effective if you have many pages.

Display short description on the Modern Grid

Check the checkbox to display the product’s short description on the Modern Grid under the image.

Modern Grid attributes under image

Move the Modern Grid attributes under the image

Centered product image on the product page

Position the individual product page image on the top center.

Customize Filters Bar

Fully customize the filters bar widget area styling.

Customize Product Listing

Customize any part of the product list styling.

Modify Product Page Styling

Modify the styling for any of the product page elements.

Move Product Page Elements

Move any product page element to any other place.

Product Page Template Editor

Edit your product page template from WordPress dashboard.

Change Product Image Style

Adjust the product image style to your needs.

Price in Box with Background

Make the price stand out more.

Disable Short Description

Disable short description display on the individual product page.

Display Category Description After Products

Choose where the category description should be displayed.

Disable shipping info on the product page

Manage the display of the shipping options on the product page.


Automatically Create Custom Tabs

Add unlimited number of custom tabs with rich content editor.

Two Column Product Page

An additional product page template.

Replace Back to Products URL

Replace the back to products with back to the previous URL.

Enable Next & Previous Product URLs

Next & Previous product navigation with many customization options.

Change Product Name Color

You can change product name color in Product Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page. Find the Product Page Colors section […]

Change Price Color

To change price color please go to Product Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page and find Product Page Colors section. You […]

Next & Previous Products Inside Category

By default the next and previous product URLs navigate to to next or previous product within all the products in the […]

Disable Another Categories

To disable “another categories” feature that appears on every product page on the bottom please go to Product Settings > […]

Show Description right after short description

You can move the description part right after the short description (before price, shipping and attributes). This option is located […]

Edit Next & Previous Product URLs labels

To edit the default Next & Previous Product URLs labels please go to Product Settings > Front-end Labels and find […]

Next & Previous Product URLs on Top

To show Next & Previous Product URLs on the top of product page please find the Product Settings > Catalog […]