Getting Started

Discount start and end date

The discount end date will enable the discount end date countdown. The discount will be disabled once the end day comes.

Create discount category

Let the user filter the products by the discount category!

Apply a new discount price

Enter the new discount price in the discount value field.

Apply a percentage discount

Switch a discount type to “%” and enter the discount value (20 for 20% discount, 30 for 30%  etc.).


Filter products by discount

Now you can see the discount filter on the widget area in the front end.

Show sales in sidebar

It comes with a predefined design that can be slightly different for every theme.


Set discount for individual customer

The discount will apply only to the selected logged-in users.

Select a discount quantity

The discount will be applied once the selected quantity is added to the cart, and the info will be displayed on the product page.


Show sales with a shortcode

The promo box shortcode has a predefined layout, but you can easily change it with CSS.