Filter products by discount

The discount filter widget is available in WordPress Appearance > Widgets. Look for ‘Discount’ and select the Discount Filter: After […]

Set discount for individual customer

To set the discount for individual customer please go to Users and find the customer that you want to set […]

Show sales in sidebar

You can show current sales with a Product Discounts Widget. To place a widget please go to WordPress widgets page […]

Show sales with a shortcode

You can use a shortcode to promote a product with a discount applied. To place a promo box use the […]

Select a discount quantity

To set a discount that applies from certain quantity please go to Products and choose a product on which you […]

Apply a new discount price

To apply a new discount price for a certain product please go to Products and select the product for wich […]

Apply a percentage discount

To apply a percentage discount for a particular product please go to Products and select the product on which you […]