Fallback order type

The fallback will be used when two or more products have the same priority or attribute value.

Disable selected sorting options

After you check the checkbox and save the settings, the sorting option will not be visible on the front end.

Sort products by inventory

Display the available products on the top of the list and let the user sort the products by availability.

Sort by Product Attributes

Sort eCommerce Product Catalog products by any of the attributes.

Sort products by WooCommerce attributes

Simple settings to enable sorting by any custom or global WooCommerce attribute.

Replace the WooCommerce sorting dropdown

Replace the WooCommerce dropdown with the Custom Product Order dropdown.

Modify Custom Post Type Order

Set custom order for posts, pages and any custom post type.

Modify WooCommerce Product Sorting

Define the default order for your products.

Post type sorting widget

Display the sorting dropdown with a widget.

Sort Products by SKU

Display products by SKU.

Getting Started

Custom Manufacturer Sorting

Customize the manufacturer’s order and define featured manufacturers.

Disable product sort drop-down

The product sort disable checkbox is located in Products > Settings in General Settings tab after product order option. Check […]

Random Product Order

Ordering products randomly is as simple as switching a radio button. To do it please go to Product Settings. On the […]

Order Products by Price

Ordering products by price is as simple as swiching a radio button. To do it please go to Product Settings. […]

Custom Product Sorting

Use Product Order Priority box on product edit/add page to sort eCommerce Product Catalogs products in custom order. By default […]