Attribute value shortcode

You can display a selected attribute value with the attribute_value shortcode. The shortcode has three available parameters: label – the […]


Automatically Replace Attribute Values

You can automatically replace or translate attribute values on product save, update or import. The configuration screen is located in […]


Checkbox Attribute Filter Logic

By default, the checkbox attribute will find all the products with at least one checked value under one attribute. You […]

Attributes Groups

You can set unlimited number of attribute groups. Each group will be represented by a separate attribute table both on […]

Attributes Filter Shortcode

With [attributes_filter] shortcode you can display all or selected attribute filters on any page content. Please see attribute filter widget […]

Number of Attributes on Product Listing

Product Attributes can be displayed on some of the product listing themes. To set the number of visible attributes go […]

Product Filter with Shortcode

There are a couple of attributes that can be used with [show_products] shortcode to filter the output: Filter products by […]

Filter Products by any Attribute

With the Attributes Filter widget, you can filter your product listing by any attribute. With the Attributes Filter widget, you […]

Filter Products by Date Attribute

You can filter your product listing by any date attribute. In order to do it go to Appearance > Widgets […]

Product Attribute Types

There are currently 6 product attribute types available: Text (the deault) Drop-down Radio Checkbox Date Hidden (actually any attribute type […]

Change Limited Attributes Values

You can change the attributes values at any time. It is also possible to add new values to appear in […]

Limit Attribute Values

It is possible to limit possible attribute values. It is usefull when you want to make attribute assign process quicker […]