Auto remove images from WordPress media gallery

Automatically remove images on product deletion.

Upload product images to a separate folder

Easily separate the product images from all other website images.

Product Lightbox Gallery with Video or any HTML

Add any HTML content to your product lightbox gallery. Now you can add any text, video, image to the gallery with simple editor.

Product Slider with Video or any HTML

Add any content to your product slider. Any text, video, image in the slider will slide the same as an image.

Add More Images to Product Page

Add an unlimited number of images, videos, and text slides to your product page gallery slider or lightbox.

Enable Product Slider

Replace the default product lightbox gallery with interactive slider. You can adjust any aspect or the slider appearance or animation settings.

Change Additional Images Order

You can change the additional product gallery images order by simple drag and drop functionality.

Set the number of product gallery columns

You can set the maximum number of products per row in the product gallery.

Product Slider Shortcode

Display the product slider anywhere on your website with simple but customizable shortcode.

Change Product Lightbox Settings

Fully adjust your product gallery lightbox gallery appearance, size and animation.

Set Full Width Additional Images

Completely change the design of the product page by enabling the full with additional images gallery.

Set Additional Product Images Size

Set the size for the additional images. You can set any size!

Set Main Product Image Size

Set any size for the lightbox gallery main image.

Set Product Gallery Width

Set the product lightbox or slider gallery width. You can also set the full width mode.

Remove Additional Product Images

You can quickly manage your product gallery by adding, removing or replacing the images with simple clicks.

Set Number of Images in Product Gallery

To set a maximum number of product images, go to Product Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page and find […]