Redirect one product search results

If the search results page has only one product, you can configure it to display the product page instead of […]

Show Product Search Big Field

You can show the product search as a big, full width field. The Big Product Search widget can be found […]

Show product search suggestions

The search suggestions can be enabled for the Big Product Search widget. You will find this widget on your Appearance […]

Define ignored words in product search

You can define characters or words that will be ignored when the user performs a product search. This is very […]

Customize Product Search Placeholder

The product search widget placeholder can be customized in the catalog search widget. Go to Appearance > Widgets, find the […]

Filter Products by First Letter

The product search widget has an option to enable letter filtering feature. To enable it, please go to Appearance > […]

Filter search results by attributes

To enable the search results filtering by product attributes values first you have to set the search filter attributes. In […]

Show Products in default search output

To show products with default WordPress search widget you can do this using: Default theme search results design Show the […]

Show Product Search Outside of Sidebar

Nomrally the search works with the search widget placed in a sidebar. What if you want to show the product […]