Redirect one product search results

Display the product page instead of the listing when there is only one product for the search query.

Show Product Search Big Field

Display a big full-width product search with a widget.

Show product search suggestions

Enable product search suggestions inside the product search widget.

Define ignored words in product search

Configure the search to ignore the most common words in your database to make the results more accurate.

Filter Products by First Letter

Filter search results by the first letter.

Filter search results by attributes

Enable attribute dropdowns for the search field to filter the search results.


Customize Product Search Placeholder

Customize the search field placeholder.

Show Products in default search output

Remove products from the WordPress default search results or display them separately on the results page.


Show Product Search Outside of Sidebar

Place the search shortcode on any page, blog post, product page, or other WordPress content.

Include other content in product search results

Blog posts and other custom post types can now appear in the product search results.

Redirect WordPress search to product search

Use the theme search form to display the product search results.

Additional search parameters

Advanced product search paraments to enhance the search experience.