Schedule automatic import or update

This feature is a part of Product CSV. Click here to see all Product CSV features.

You can schedule an import from a selected file on the server or external URL. This is an easy way to integrate the website product catalog with external company systems.

To enable scheduled import set the file server path or file URL on Product CSV settings screen:

Scheduled CSV import settings


As soon as you fill the Remote CSV file location field the scheduled import will start.

You can set as many scheduled import as needed. They will be parsed one after another.

Local server path or URL?

You can set the remote CSV file location as URL or server path.

Server path

If you set the file location on the same server that your website is located the importer will know if the file is already parsed.

It will also rename the file after it is parsed so you can keep the update history.


If your remote file location is an URL it will be parsed each time the file is available. Please adjust the ‘check for updates every’ to avoid parsing the same file multiple times.

Scheduled import with multiple catalogs

If you are using Smart Multiple Catalogs extension you can define the remote file catalog. This way the products will be imported/updated to the correct catalog.