Import Product Categories & Subcategories

This feature is a part of Product CSV. Click here to see all Product CSV features.

While importing products you can also create product categories. You can assign product category as a child of another category. This is the format required for this:

Category Name; [Category Description]; > Parent Category;http://example-page/category-image.jpg

If you provide the Product Category with the above format the following will happen:

  1. The category will be created with the name “Category Name”
  2. The category will be attached as child to “Parent Category”
  3. The category description will be “Category Description”
  4. The category will have the image imported from http://example-page/category-image.jpg

If the “Category Name” category does exist it will be updated with a given values.

Assign multiple product categories

You can also assign multiple categories to one product with “|” separator:

Category Name; [Category Description]; > Parent Category;http://example-page/category-image.jpg|Second Category Name; [Second Category Description]; > Parent Category;http://example-page/second-category-image.jpg

In this case two categories will be created/assigned to the product.

Another valid examples:

Category Name|Second Category name|Third Category Name

In this case three categories will be created/assigned to the product.

Category Name; [Category Description]|Second Category Name; [Second Category Description]

In this case two categories with descriptions will be created/assigned to the product.