Product Slider Shortcode

This feature is a part of Product Gallery Advanced. Click here to see all Product Gallery Advanced features.

The product slider shortcode can be used anywhere on the website to display all or selected products images in a robust presentation. Each product image points to the product page.

To show the slider use [product_slider] shortcode. Attributes available:

  • include – a list of comma separated product IDs to include in a slider (only selected products will be included)
  • exclude – a list of comma separated product IDs to exclude from the presentation (slider will contain all products except those specified)
  • main – to show only main product images (the default setting), if you need to show also additional product images set it to 0
  • width – the percentage width for slider (number only)
  • size – set one of image sizes (default is product-slider which is generated from slider setting), WordPress default image sizes can be used here: full, large, medium and thumbnail. Any image size can be created by adding a size to theme functions.php or with image sizes free plugin.

Example of product slider usage with attributes:

[product_slider size=”medium” include=”123,241,698″] – this will show product slider with main images for 3 products: 123, 241 and 698.