Product Lightbox Gallery with Video or any HTML

This feature is a part of Product Gallery Advanced. Click here to see all Product Gallery Advanced features.

You can add text, image, video or any HTML to the lightbox gallery.

Go to the product edit screen and find the Product Image box:

Slider Add HTML Button

Once you click the Add HTML button on the lightbox gallery edit box you will see a popup with text editor:

Slide HTML edit popup

In this popup you can add any content. For example you can:

  • Add a YouTube link – it will automatically generate a video iframe
  • Add any text that will show up in the slider
  • Add HTML to create buttons or any other content
  • Add images or other media from your WordPress media gallery

This HTML content will show the same as any other product lightbox element. Once clicked it will get bigger as any other image added to the lightbox gallery.