Change Product Lightbox Settings

This feature is a part of Product Gallery Advanced. Click here to see all Product Gallery Advanced features.

The product lightbox settings are located at Product Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page. The image on the right represents selected lightbox style.

Product Lightbox Settings

Product Lightbox Styles

The lightbox style can be selected from a drop-down menu. When the selection is made the preview on right will show corresponding design.

There are 5 lightbox styles to choose from:

  • Default
  • Dark Background
  • Clean White
  • Clean Dark
  • Modern

Transition types

The product lightbox transition types can be chosen from the drop-down. Three values are available:

  • Fade
  • Elastic
  • None

Transition Speed

This setting defines how fast will the transition be. This value is set in miliseconds. The default is 300.

Product Lightbox Size

4 fields for width and 4 for height are available:

  • Initial width/height sets the size before the transition occurs;
  • Max width/height sets the maximum size in percentage to the user screen size;
  • Inner width/height sets the gap between the image and the lightbox style border. By default there is no gap;
  • Fixed width/height sets fixed size for the lightbox (normally the lightbox size will change according to the image size);