Set Number of Images in Product Gallery

To set maximum number of product images go to Product Settings > Catalog Design > Product Page and find the “Gallery Images” option. After saving the new number of images the product edit/add page will change accordingly. Disable Additional Images Limit You can also select to insert unlimited amount of images per product. To enable […]

[1.8.0] Category image and product SKU

Today a new eCommerce Product Catalog version was released. The main new feature is product category image. We can now assign one image to each product category to show it on the category page. Since last post on the eCommerce Product Catalog plugin development blog there were a couple of new releases which I will […]

[1.6.4] Additional Settings for a price and other updates

It passed almost a month and 4 eCommerce Product Catalog updates since last post so I just want to sum up the new features. Fist I want to thank you all for such a great interest in this project. We hit 21,000 downloads this week with more than 1,000 downloads per week and more than […]